Specialists in the care of women and babies.

We view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy, family-centered life events, and deliver babies at hospital, birth centre, and home.

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The Midwifery Group of Ottawa was established in 1994 after the Regulated Health Professions Act was passed. We recognize here the importance of the incredible consumer lobbying effort prior to legislation. We also appreciate the ongoing help of our local consumers. Midwives work within a specific scope of practice as primary care givers, are regulated by the College of Midwives of Ontario, and are covered for the cost of services by the provincial government. We have grown from four to more than ten midwives working together now.

We are a teaching practice. As such, you can expect to meet a midwifery student from either the Midwifery Education Program or the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program when you enroll for care with us. There is almost always a waiting list at our group; the need for more midwives is strong all across the province.

Our midwives deliver approximately three hundred babies each year. We have hospital privileges at the Montfort Hospital. We also have privileges at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. We are strong believers in a woman’s right to make responsible, informed choices regarding all aspects of pregnancy and birth; we advocate for the appropriate use of technology; and we provide continuity of care for everyone throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.

The events of the childbearing year are both profound and intimate. We respectfully guide the family through these times to promote a satisfying and meaningful experience.

Please read our Informed Choice Agreement for more information about how we work.

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